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The Peninsula Compost Group, LLC, is a commercial composting company that is striving to become the premier composting company in the United States by composting food, yard, wood, and other organic waste and turning it into useable soil and compost products. Its composting facilities will benefit the country by diverting organic waste which would otherwise be dumped into our nation's landfills, thereby avoiding the unnecessary production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Peninsula’s mission is to identify, build, manage, and operate premier commercial composting facilities in strategic locations in order to enable government institutions and agencies, corporations, communities, and citizens to recycle their waste and achieve their environmental goals and objectives at an economically efficient cost.

As a “green” business, Peninsula is working to reuse waste materials and other byproducts of modern society in order to create valuable organic soil products.


Our Vision

Peninsula’s vision is to use the Gore Cover system throughout the United States to compost organic waste, which returns nutrients to the soil, reduces our carbon footprint, and reduces waste disposal costs for generators and haulers. Peninsula provides a method for disposing of organic waste that is both environmentally and economically beneficial to our customers.