Peninsula Compost has been in service for nearly 15 years. We strive to provide a trustworthy, quality, and personal level of service to all our clients around Australia. We specialize in customizable packages to suit the needs of our clients.

During the process, one of your expert horticulturists will pay your site a visit to help you determine the best maintenance plan. We will deliver and advise on all aspects of the landscaping projects – no matter how big or small.


We also offer a free consultation service to help you determine what you really want with your landscaping design.

Construct and Design — Peninsula Compost has created the perfect team of professional craftsmen and expert landscapers. We believe having the right team will make all the difference between a good job and a great job.

Here are the services we offer:

  • On the site consultation
  • Customizable concept plan
  • 3D drawings
  • Landscape details and specifications
  • Site work and preparation
  • Decorative gravel surfaces
  • Decking
  • Garden fencing
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Limestone features such as planters and walls
  • Water features
  • Garden Art
  • Sails and Pergola
  • Brick planters and walls
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Garden makeovers and renovations
  • All aspects of maintenance

Peninsula Compost focuses on the selection of plants and décor, based on your design, home, environment and location. We offer sensible garden design solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

We will also undertake the completion process of dealing with council regulations that are necessary to complete your renovation development application.

As Peninsula Compost works with the outdoor environment, we are committed to sustaining eco-friendly designs when creating gardens to help maintain the natural landscape. We will work with you to create the garden of your dreams and turn it into reality.